Fra i tanti tirocinanti che hanno frequentano il Cde Olmi e Shareradio, c’è stata anche una ragazza proveniente dagli Stati Uniti! Questo è il saluto che ci ha lasciato prima della sua partenza: buona fortuna Janeane, e a presto!

Azione Solidale is a wonderful social cooperative that is very beneficial to the community and citizens here in Milan. Each program, along with the people I have worked with throughout the way has taught me things I will always keep in mind.This internship has broadend my journey of learning from the culture, people, food, work ethic across to the beautiful language of Italian. There is no other placement I would have rather wanted because it has shown me an outstanding amount of responsibilty, independency, hard work and of course all the care and love it takes to work with beautiful people within Azione Solidale. I will always remember the moments shared here during my intership because everyone was so welcoming with open arms (physically) and open hearts (emotionally). I will never forget you all and I hope you will never forget the American girl from Arizona.

Thank you for a perfect experience!

 Janeane Mancha