On your income statement, choose 5 x MILLE.

Then, sign and enter the tax code 11045820153.

It’s simple, and doesn’t cost you anything, but for us, it is important and a kind gesture!

How to Support Us

▪Taxpayers submitting the Model 730, or the Unico model, will have to fill in “SCELTA PER LA DESTINAZIONE DEL CINQUE PER MILLE” in the first box. For the non-profit, a signature and the tax code 11045820153 is needed.

▪For taxpayers who do not have a tax return, use the 5 x 1000. Using the appropriate card attached to the CUD model, write in the tax code 11045820153. The card must then be delivered in a closed envelope with the inscription “SCELTA PER LA DESTINAZIONE DEL CINQUE PER MILLE” to a post office, bank, or authorized intermediary (free of charge).

Thank you to the hundreds of people that have chosen to support us over the years!

P.S. We also take cash donations!

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