CAD Stoppengò

The Day Center CAD Stoppengò is a service that has been operational since 2006, born from the desire of the Municipality of Milan to address the socialization and aggregation needs of citizens with disabilities. Since September 2010, it has been accredited by the Municipality of Milan.

CAD Stoppengò aims to offer opportunities for socialization, aggregation, and cultural engagement to those who, for various reasons, experience disadvantages in terms of inclusion and social integration. The service is open for 11 months a year, from September to July, and offers activities in the afternoon, evening, and on weekends.

Specifically, we offer recreational activities, craft workshops, artistic and musical workshops, sports and exercise activities, as well as trips and participation in social and cultural events.

How can people access it?
For residents of the Municipality of Milan, attendance at CAD Stoppengò is voluntary, non-binding, and free of charge. Access is direct and occurs upon specific request from the individual or their family. There will be an evaluation process before granting access.

CAD Stoppengò is aimed at adults who possess sufficient relational autonomy, meaning they are capable of interacting with others and the outside world without requiring specific and individual interventions.

Contact Information
Coordinator: Ilaria Denti


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