Actions and Services

Azione Solidale:

  • We work on projects that aim to foster youth-community engagement by using innovative and modern approaches, such as the arts, music, and video making.

– what we do: We organize creative and expressive art therapy workshops, educational support, neighborhood events and activities, and media-education projects.

  • We encourage community cohesion through services and activities that promote active social-relationships; we organize community networking, which links people and services, helps people develop skills, and helps people learn information about the community.

– what we do: we collaborate with public schools and local institutions, we host a web radio channel, and we provide support to vulnerable families.

  • We work for the social inclusion of people with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations by helping them build sustainable skills for autonomy and independence. Our services improve personal skills and citizenship rights and encourage self-fulfillment through social interaction.

– what we do: we organize self-sufficiency programs and group activities to foster personal empowerment, we provide housing, a voluntary participation center, and relief-intervention strategies.

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