Community “Domiciliarità”

Domiciliarità provides services and educational support for both home and personal care needs for individuals and families.

Interventions conducted within the guidelines of the association “Insieme” are in accreditation with the municipality of Milan.

Hours and services:

  • Open Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM
  • Educational support for improving autonomy, interpersonal skills, family support, academic support, career counseling, and social skills.
  • Social-assistance care, home care, assistance on completing official documentation, and life-work reports.
  • Social care that provides accompaniment, guidance, socialization, and surveys needs.
  • Family support (cleaning lady/caregiver/babysitter) with monitoring, supervision, and tutoring.
  • People who are eligible: minors, adolescents, and their families; minors and adults with disabilities; adults in psycho-social need; and elderly people in socially fragile situations

Through our individualized programs, our qualified and well-trained providers guarantee professional support, and are capable of responding to the needs of individuals and families. Our program offers a model of support and care that uses formal and informal networks to build educational pathways, personal-care assistance, and social integration for program participants.


Address: Via Gabetti 15, Milan

Phone: 02 48304931


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