Micro-community “Le Chiavi di Casa” (The Keys to the Home)

Le Chiavi di Casa aims to provide an assisted living environment, where people with disabilities can develop personal autonomy.

The assisted living trial-program was established to promote the development of personal identity and autonomy of citizens with disabilities from their families, who support their independence and favor their social inclusion, through community participation and integration. Family separation is also seen to have a positive effect on participants’ personal development.

The micro-community is an accredited assisted living residence with the municipality of Milan. Request for admission must be made at the Residential Office of the municipality of Milan.

The program was designed by an educational team, with the support of “Progettami” group of the municipality of Milan, to support the gradual transition to independent living for people with disabilities.


Address: Via Val Cavallina 4, Milan

Phone: +39 3664014011

Email: lechiavidicasa@azionesolidale.com

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