Training program service for independent living

The main purpose of this service is to foster social inclusion for people with disabilities (from 16 to 35 years old), who are high-functioning, by developing and improving their personal skills and helping them move toward independent living.

Sfa provides socio-educational programs and tailor-made trainings for participants, with the help of their family, in order to improve their self-esteem, self-consciousness, and self-determination. This program also helps participants by offering specific trainings to improve work-related skills, with the help of government services that deal with employment opportunities, providing participants with a path to occupational inclusion.

Hours and activities:

  • Open Monday thru Friday in the morning
  • Provide lunch twice a week


Address: Via Gabetti 15, Milan

Phone: +39 3468839275

E-mail: sfa@azionesolidale.com

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