The story of Franca Viola


Monologue Theater

The Story of Franca Viola

Friday, April 7th

8:45 at Cag Olmi, Via Larici 2

Admission is free

“It was not a brave gesture. I just did what I felt was right to do, just like any girl would do today: I listened to my heart, and the rest just followed. Today, I recommend young people follow their hearts; it is not difficult. I did it in a Sicily that is very different from today’s; They can do it simply by looking into their hearts.”

In the one-woman show, Story of Franca Viola, an actress questions the best way to tell the story of a “symbol.” The narration proceeds quickly, playing with theatrical genres, interpretative styles, and characters – which are deliberately all crossed with quick and sketchy brush strokes – in a scene that unequivocally evokes the room, inhabited by objects that are symbols of the fight against the violence of women: red shoes, umbrellas, masks, microphones; Objects that carry history into the theater and vice versa.

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Progetto co-finanziato con fondi Ex-L.285/97 – VI Piano Adolescenza e infanzia – Comune di Milano

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